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Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw,  speaking at the European Parliament in Strassbourg on 16. Nov 05 said EU leaders reached broad agreement at Hampton Court on the future direction of Europe; now needed to get the right budget deal to deliver the economic and social policies to help Europe's citizens compete in a global economy. To read full speech, click here.

Prime Minister Tony Blair told guests at the Lord Mayor's Banquet on 14 November 05 that there can be no security or prosperity at home without first dealing with the problems of conflict, terrorism, climate change and poverty. To read full speech click here.

Prime Minister Tony Blair hosted an Informal Summit of EU Heads of State and Government at Hampton Court Palace, on27 October 05. Here is his closing statement to the House of Commons on the results of the meeting.


Tony Blair concluded on 1 Nov. an international Climate Change confence.The Prime Minister acknowledged that the Kyoto protocol had been important. He added that the world needed to combine the need for growth with 'a proper and responsible attitude' towards the world's  environment. Final statement

Climate Change events in Copenhagen throughout October 05

The British Embassy and the Copenhagen City Council will work together on a series of events and exhibitions during October, to raise awareness of the effects on city life of climate change. It is also good to choose the most environmentally friendly tyre on your car.

Under the heading, "Zero Carbon City" there will be two ouside exhibitions on a central square in Copenhagen, interactive theatre performances, a hands-on glasshouse for children and three round table discussions.










Minister for Competitiveness, Barry Gardiner visited Denmark on 17 Nov 05 to speak at a conference held at Dansk Industri. To view pictures 
of event, click here.

Under Secretary of State, Lord Triesman, speaking in the Hague on 17 Nov 05, spoke of the need to counteract the increasing gap between the politics of Europe and the people of Europe.'
To read speech, click here.

The EU PresidencyThe United Kingdom currently holds the Presidency of the European Union, from 1 July until 31 December 2005.
Read more here.

Read Tony Blair's update in Parliament 11 July 2005 at the G8 summit at Gleneagles here.


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